Both our clients and we pay considerable attention to the costs incurred for our services. Costs are taken into consideration at every meeting and discussion and will be discussed with you during your first appointment. It is our aim to be completely open and frank with you.

As a law firm, we are required to agree on a fee with you. The law governing remuneration for lawyers (RVG) provides two alternatives for calculating legal fees: one method is to base the calculation on statutory rates applied to specific legal services depending on the size of the value in dispute, the second method is to charge an agreed hourly rate based on time spent on each specific matter.

For our services rendered as notaries we are strictly bound to adhere to statutory fee regulations. Deviation from this method is not permitted.
As mediators we have the flexibility to agree a fee with our clients. This is usually a fee based on the time spent on the matter, payment of which is split between the parties concerned. Alternatively we can agree to apply the statutory rates as per the RVG.

Ensuring that you are paying a fair consideration for the services you receive is extremely important to us when determining our fee basis.