Nicole Etscheit


Lawyer, Mediator (DAA)

Divorce and family law, European and International family and laws on parents and children, law of the air, mediation (families)

Languages: English, French
1965 born in Düsseldorf, two children
1984-1985 trainee with publishers Burda, Offenburg.
1985-1989 editor, independent journalist in Chicago.
1990-1998 studied law and completed her practical training in Berlin.
1993 Rush Moore Craven Sutton Morry & Beh, Honolulu.
1999 practised as a lawyer. 2006 qualified as a mediator (DAA).

Berlin law society
German law society
Arbeitskreis Familienrecht (Working group covering family law)
Arbeitskreis Mediation (Working group covering mediation)
Haus- und Grundbesitzverein (Association for House and Property Owners)
Deutscher Juristinnenbund (Association of Female Lawyers)